Data Entry Operator Interview Questions and Answers

Data Entry Interview Questions and Answers:

There is a list of the top frequently asked Data Entry Interview Questions and Answers are given below.

1. What is a data entry operator?

Ans A data entry operator is someone who enters the data into a computer.

2. What is WPM?

Ans It stands for Words per minute. WPM is used to measure your typing speed.

3. Tell some most important skills needed for this Data Entry operator job.

Ans Important skills for Data Entry operator:

i. Interacting With Computers

ii. Good Typing Speed (Min 25-30 WPM)

iii. Quality Accuracy

iv. Written comprehension

4. Why do you want to work for our organization?

Ans I have most of the data entry and analysis skills associating with an organization. So, I am highly impressed with your organization.

5. What are office tools must need for this data entry job?

Ans Office Tools for Data Entry operator:

i. Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, etc)

ii. Tally

iii. SAP

iv. Typeform

v. Custom Develop Software

6. What Is DFD?

Ans DFD stands for Data Flow Diagram. It constructs using two major components: such as External Entries, and Datastores.

7. Difference Between Data Integrity And Data Validity

Ans In Data integrity, the errors are caused by bugs in computer programs.
In Data Validity, the errors are caused due to incorrect data entry.

8. Is Data Entry And Filing The Same?

Ans In data entry, an alphanumeric keyboard is used to enter data into a computer.

In filling, It organizes the data either alphabetically or related data into files or folders.

9. What Is Data Warehousing?

Ans Data warehousing is the storage of data. It is typically summarized and prepared for analytical purposes. In contrast to “operational” databases which are used in the real-time operation of a business or other organization.

10. Define Punch Cards.

Ans It was developed through the 20th century in unit record machines for input, processing, and data storage. Early Digital Computers used punched cards as the primary medium for input of both computer programs and data.

11. What is The Primary role of a Data Entry Operator?

Ans Primary Role of a Data Entry operator:

i. Translating information into e-forms and sorting information.

ii. Typing those data with a high level of speed and accuracy.

iii. Checking again those data for accuracy.

iv. Continuously reviewing, updating, correcting, deleting, and eliminating duplicate data.

v. Preparing and maintaining data format as per the company’s requirement

12. What Does Accuracy Mean To You? How Do You Ensure It?

Ans Accuracy is the most important thing in this Data Entry Operator job. Every typing data or information should be accurate.

13. Difference Between Data Warehousing And Data Mining.

Ans 1. Data warehousing is the storage of data.
Data mining is the search for relationships and global patterns.
2. Data warehousing uses for analytical purposes.
Data mining uses for predictive analytics.

14. How To Transfer Xml Data Including Guide Into Tally?

First, put your XML data into MS Excel sheets -> Transfer all the data to Tally A/c Sw in a click.

15. What are BPO and KPO?

Ans BPO: It stands for Business process outsourcing. It refers to the outsourcing of non-primary activities to a third-party service provider. It decreases the cost of the company and also increases productivity and efficiency of the company.

KPO: It stands for knowledge process outsourcing. It refers to the outsourcing of highly skilled personnel as it transfers or assigns knowledge plus process related to process to another company.