Applications of Mobile Cloud Computing

Mobile Cloud Computing:

Mobile Cloud Computing is the integration of mobile network computing, wireless networks, and cloud computing used to develop rich applications for mobile users. It is very helpful to build and deploy mobile applications very fast by using cloud services. It also provides mobile users with processing services and data storage in the cloud.

Applications of Mobile Cloud Computing:

1. Cloud-based m-learning: It is the combination of e-learning and mobility. In comparison with traditional m-learning, cloud-based m-learning solves the problems of low transmission rate and limited storage of educational resources.

2. Mobile e-governance: In recent days, many government organizations have started providing services through mobile for easy reachability purposes.

3. Mobile banking: Many commercial transactions are performed through online mobile banking applications.

4. Guidance with the help of mobile: Mobile technologies are assisting in many cases, such as guiding pedestrians while crossing the road, especially those who are blind or visually impaired and offering text transcription for hearing-impaired people.

5. Cloud-based mobile rural healthcare: Rural people and people suffering from chronic diseases could use mobile healthcare technologies to continuously monitor their health.

6. Gaming with mobile: With the help of large computing resources available in the cloud, it is very easy to offload the games on the server.

7. Mobile e-commerce: Mobile e-commerce allows users to do online shopping, and online transactions through mobile and mobile advertisements, etc.

Applications of Mobile Cloud Computing in Real Life:

1. Face Recognition: In the case of face recognition, law enforcement agencies are using facial recognition software as a crime-fighting tool. Mobile Cloud Computing can be effectively used for real-time face recognition by moving the processing and the storage of data out from mobile devices to the cloud.

2. Mobile Cloud Learning: Mobile Cloud Learning is the context of higher education which enables students to engage themselves in continuous learning and assessment system. Mobile cloud computing can be used in many flipped classrooms, online quizzes, continuous performance monitoring, etc.