What is the Work Breakdown Structure in Project Management?

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is used to recursively decompose a given set of activities into smaller activities. Tasks are the lowest level of work activities in a WBS hierarchy.

They also form the basic units of work that are allocated to the developer and scheduled First, let us understand why it is necessary to break down project activities into tasks. Once project activities have been decomposed into a set of tasks using WBS, the time frame when each activity is to be performed is to be determined.

The end of each important activity is called a milestone project manager tracks the progress of a project by monitoring the timely completion of the milestones. If he observes that some milestones start getting delayed, he carefully monitors and controls the progress of the tasks, so that the overall deadline can still be met. WBS provides a notation for representing the activities, sub-activities, and tasks needed to be carried out to solve a problem.