What is the Difference Between Alpha and Beta Testing?

Alpha Testing:

It refers to the system testing carried out by the test team within the developing organisation.

Beta Testing:

Beta testing is the system testing performed by a select group of friendly customers.

Alpha Testing vs Beta Testing:

Alpha Testing
Beta Testing
1. It always performed by the developers.1. It always performed by the customers.
2. It is also performed by Independent Testing Team.2. It is not performed by Independent Testing Team.
3. Alpha Testing is not open to the market and public.3. Beta Testing is always open to the market and public.
4. It is always performed in virtual environment.4. It is always performed in Real-time-Environment.
5. It is a kind of White Box & Black Box Testing.5. It is only kind of Black Box Testing.
6. Alpha Testing is not known by any other name.6. Beta Testing is also known as Field Testing.
7. It is always performed within the organization7. It is always performed outside the organization.