Types of Widgets in Python

Widgets in Python:

Widgets are the building blocks of GUI programming and are used to display information or get input from the user. Some frequently used widgets are given in the table:

FrameUsed as a container to house other widjets and add borders.
LabelTo display text or images.
LabelframeBy default, this frame displays a border and title.
ButtonUsed to call a function when clicked
CheckbuttonUsed to create check box for toggling a value.
RadiobuttonUsed to create standard redio buttons.
EntryUsed for sinnge line text entry which can be edited.
TextUsed for multiple line text entry which can be edited.
MessageUsed for multiple line display text that can be styled.
ComboboxTo be a single line text entry with a drop down select list.
ListboxTo create multiple line select lilst.
ScrollbarTo create vertical or horizontal scroll.
Scale To create a sliding scale that can be clicked and dragged with mouse.
CanvasTo draw lines, circles, arcs, ovals, and rectangles.
MenuTo create menu bar for the top of the window, which includes parameters like "File", "edit", and "view".