Types of Compact Disc

Compact Disc:

One major limitation of CD-ROMs is that they can’t be used to store data, but only to read the data that was stored on them by the manufacturer. However, there are recordable CDs also known as Compact Disc-Recordable (CD-R). Recording on these CDs is expensive even now and it requires a special device called CD-Writer.

Another type of CD is CD-RW (Compact Disc-Rewritable) which not only allows the data to be written. It also allows erasing, thereby making the CDs reusable. Unlike the CD-ROM there are more layers in the CD-R and even more layers in the CD-RW.

Types of CD:

The main terminologies for CD formats used in the industry are:
1. Audio CD
2. Photo CD
3. Video CD
4. CD-I (CD Interactive)
5. CD-ROM/XA (Extended Architecture)
6. CD-WO (Write Once)
7. CD-MO (Magneto-Optical)