Sky Computing Architecture in Cloud Computing

Sky Computing Architecture:

In the existing cloud computing environment, everyone wants to be isolated into protected, proprietary systems. To achieve this objective, numerous attempts of the research society are dealing with matters like general programming form, open customary interfaces, sufficient service phase arrangement or portability of applications.

In this environment, we argue regarding the want for an open-source cloud application programming interface and a platform intended for growing multi-cloud-oriented applications. A platform which permits the instalment of element-based applications in a cloud environment considering diverse cloud suppliers that are known as Sky Computing Architecture. Sky computing suppliers consist of the following:

1. Colective utilization of multiple clouds.

2. Platforms, apps, resources and diagonally autonomous clouds are employed.

3. Services except those of every personal cloud.

4. Smoothness of various clouds.

5. Customers of cloud suppliers.

6. Superior computing and information systems laboratory.