Sections in Data Division in COBOL

Sections in COBOL:

The DATA DIVISION is divided into a number of sections. Sections are the logical subdivision of program logic. Paragraphs are the subdivision of a section or division. There are mainly five sections in the COBOL program.

i. FILE SECTION: The FILE SECTION includes the description of all data items that should be read from or written onto some external file.

ii. WORKING-STORAGE SECTION: The data items that are developed internally as intermediate results and the constants are described in this section of the DATA DIVISION.

iii. LINKAGE-SECTION: When programs (main programs) call another program (subprogram) that is called LINKAGE-SECTION. It defines the arguments which pass by the main program in the LINKAGE-SECTION as well.

iv. SCREEN SECTION: The Screen Section provides screen handling facilities for use with ACCEPT and DISPLAY statements.

v. REPORT SECTION: The REPORT section is used for preparing Reports.