Quine-McCluskey method

Quine-McCluskey method of Minimization of Logic Functions:

The K-map is a very effective tool for the minimization of logic functions with 4 or fewer variables. For logic expressions with more than 4 variables, the visualization of adjacent cells and the drawing of the K-map become more difficult. The Quine-McCluskey method also known as the tabular method can be employed in such cases to minimize switching functions. This method employs a systematic, step-by-step procedure to produce a simplified standard form of expression for a function with any number of variables. The steps to be followed in the Quine-McCluskey method are:

Step-1: A set of all prime applicants of the function must be obtained.

Step-2: From the set of all prime applicants, a set of essential applicants must be determined by preparing a prime implicant chart.

Step-3: The mini terms which aren’t covered by the essential applicants are taken into consideration and a minimum cover is obtained from the remaining prime implicants.