Properties of Transition System in Automata

Transition System:

A transition graph or a transition system is a finite directed labeled graph in which each vertex (or node) represents a state and the directed edges. It indicates that the transition of a state and the edges are labeled with input-output. A typical transition system is shown below in Fig:

Properties of Transition System in Automata

In the above figure, the initial state is represented by a circle with an arrow pointing towards it, the final state by two concentric circles, and the other states are represented by just a circle.

A transition system is a 5-tuple (Q, ∑, δ, Q0, F), where –

    i. Q, ∑ and F are the finite non-empty set of states, the input alphabet, and the set of final states, respectively, as in the case of finite automata.

    ii. Q0 ⊆ Q. and Q0 is non-empty: and

    iii. δ is a finite subset of Q x ∑* x Q.