Mealy to Moore Conversion Solved Example

Procedure for transforming a mealy machine Into a Moore machine:

We develop procedures for transforming a Mealy machine into a Moore machine and vice versa so that for a given input string the output strings are the same (except for the first symbol) in both machines.

Procedure for transforming a Moore machine Into a mealy machine:

We modify the acceptability of the input string by a Moore machine by neglecting the response of the Moore machine to input A. We thus define that Mealy Machine M and Moore Machine 11;1′ are equivalent if for all input strings lV,
b7,t\,w) =Zw(w}. Where b is the output of the Moore machine for its initial state.

We give the following result: Let AIL =(Q, L, ll, 8, A.. qo) be a Moore machine. Then the following procedure may be adopted to construct an Equivalent Mealy machine.