Java AWT Package

LayoutManager: Methods for laying out containers.

MenuContainer: Methods for menu-related containers.

BorderLayout: It is a layout manager for arranging items in border formation.

Button: It is a UI push button.

Canvas: It is a canvas for drawing and performing other graphics operations.

CardLayout: It is a layout manager for HyperCard like metaphors.

Checkbox: It specifies the icons that indicate when a checkbox is selected, cleared, and rolled-over.
CheckboxGroup: It is a group of checkboxes.

CheckboxMenuItem: It is toggle menu item.

Choice: It is a popup menu of choices.

Color: An abstract method represents of a color.

Component: The abstract generic class for all UI components.

Container: Abstract behavior for a component that can hold other components.

Dialog: A window for brief interactions with users.

Dimension: An object representing width and height.

Event: An object representing events caused by the system.

FileDialog: A dialog for getting filename from the local file system.

FlowLayout: A layout manager that lays out objects from left to right in rows.

Font: An abstract representation of a font.

FontMetrics: Abstract class for holding information about a specific font’s character shapes and height and width information.

Frame: It is a top-level window with a title.

Graphics: Abstract behaviour for representing a graphics context, and for drawing and painting shapes and objects.

GridBagConstraints: Constraints for components laid out GridBaglayout.

GridBagLayout: It is a layout manager that aligns components horizontally and vertically based on their values from GridBagConstraints.

GridLayout: It is a layout manager with rows and columns.

Image: An abstract representation of a bitmap image.

Insets: Distances from the outer border of the window.

Label: It is a text label for UI components.

List: It is a scrolling list.

MediaTracker: It is a way to keep track of the status of media objects being loaded over the Net.

Menu: It can contain menu-items and it is a container on a menubar.

Menubar: It is a container for menus.

MenuComponent: The abstract superclass of all menu elements.

MenuItem: It is an individual menu-item.

Pane1: It is a container that is displayed.

Point: An object representing a point of x and y coordinates.

Polygon: An object representing a set points.

Rectangle: An object representing a rectangle of x and y coordinates.

Scrollbar: It is a UI scrollbar object.

TextArea: It is a multiline, scrollable, editable text field.

TextComponent: The superclass of all editable text components.

TextField: It is a fixed-size editable text field.

Toolkit: Abstract behavior for binding the abstract AWT classes to a platform-specific toolkit implementation.

Window: It is a top-level window and the superclass of the Frame and Dialog classes.