How to Install Kotlin Plugin in Android Studio

Kotlin Plugin:

The Kotlin plugin is intended to work with several recent versions of IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio.

Kotlin Plugin Features:

i. These plugin has distinct sets of features.

ii. It releases contains language, compiler, and standard library features.

iii. It also releases and introduces only IDE-related features. For example, code formatting and debugging tools.

Install Kotlin Plugin in Android Studio:

1. Since IntelliJ 15 was released, the Kotlin plugin has been bundled inside the IDE. For Android Studio, it depends on the version you are using.

2. If you have Android Studio, you are set already. As this is being written, 3.0 is still a Canary release. I recommend you use stable versions so that you don’t find unexpected bugs in the process. If your Android Studio is 2.3 or below, you will need to install the Kotlin plugin manually.

3. So, Go to the plugins section inside Android Studio Preferences, and install the Kotlin plugin. Use the search tool if you can’t find it. Now our environment is ready to understand the language, compile it and execute it just as seamlessly as if we were using Java.