How to Answer Tell Me About Yourself in An Interview

Describe your experience:

If you have experience within the job position you’re going for, then make sure the interviewer takes note of that. It is a great way to present yourself and it’ll more than likely get you one step further than others.

If you don’t have any experience, then tell the person why you feel the company should hire you and also make sure you tell the interviewer how much you are willing to train for the job position. Whenever you do, don’t say you have experience if you don’t. If employers find out you were lying, you could get fired and not be eligible for rehire.

2. Sort together your education skills:

One great thing about how to present yourself at an interview is telling the interviewer your educational accomplishments. It is okay if you went to a rival school than he did. No matter what, don’t lie about your educational degrees and/or accomplishments. If you are still in school, then let the interviewer know what you’re majoring in and minoring in.

Most companies usually look towards people who are still in school, but if you have no education at all, don’t worry. If your skills are enough for the position, then you should qualify also.

3. Look presentable:

The biggest factor in how you present yourself at an interview comes about in what you are wearing. Usually, something business-casual will be okay if you aren’t 100% sure if the company is all business or not. No matter what, make sure that you appear clean-cut and if you have tattoos, make sure to hide them while you are at an interview.