Generate Kotlin Data Class from JSON Android Studio

Converting JSON to data classes:

In our current UI, we are not going to use all this data. However, we’ll parse everything down to classes, in case it is of some use in the future. These are the data classes we need:

data class ForecastResult(val city: City, val list: List) 
data class City(val id: Long, val name: String, val coord: Coordinates,
val country: String, val population: Int) 
data class Coordinates(val lon: Float, val lat: Float) 
data class Forecast(val dt: Long, val temp: Temperature, val pressure: Float,
val humidity: Int, val weather: List,
val speed: Float, val deg: Int, val clouds: Int,
val rain: Float) 
data class Temperature(val day: Float, val min: Float, val max: Float,
val night: Float, val eve: Float, val morn: Float)
data class Weather(val id: Long, val main: String, val description: String,
val icon: String)