Fillmore Case Grammar in Artificial Intelligence

Fillmore Case Grammar:

Fillmore Grammar is also called as case grammar. Case grammar provides a different approach to the problem of how syntactic and semantic interpolation can be combined. Grammar rules are written to describe syntactic rather than semantic regularities. But the structures, and rules that are produced correspond to semantic relations rather than to strictly syntactic ones.

Case grammar describes the relationships between verbs and their arguments parsing using case grammar is usually expectation-driven. once the verb of the sentence is located, it can be used to predict the noun phrases that will occur and to determine the relationship of those phrases to the rest of the sentences.

A case grammar describes the correct set of deep cases.

Characteristics of Fillmore Case Grammar:

i. Agent: Investigation of the action.
ii. Instrument: Cause of the event.
iii. Dative: Entity affected by the action.
iv. Factitive: Object.
v. Locative: Place of the event.
vi. Source: Place from which something moves.