Explain Block Diagram of Digital Computer System

Digital Computer System:

The digital computer is a digital system that performs various computational tasks. The word ‘digital‘ implies that the variables represent the computer’s information that takes a limited number of discrete values. The Block Diagram of the Digital Computer is shown below.

Explain Block Diagram of Digital Computer System

The components have processed the values internally. It can maintain a limited number of discrete states. The decimal digits are – 0, 1, 2, …, etc. In this case, the discrete elements are the digits. Digital components constrain to take discrete values. Those values further constrain to take only two values, it says binary. Digital computers use the binary number system, which has two digits: 0 and 1. A binary digit is say a bit. The information represents in digital computers in groups of bits.

Block Diagram of Digital Computer:

A computer system composes of its hardware and the system software available for its use. The system software consists of a collection of programs. The programs are included in a systems software package referred to as the operating system. The hardware of the computer is usually divided into three major parts:

    i. Random Access Memory
    ii. Central Processing Unit
    iii. Input-Output Processor

i. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) contains an arithmetic and logic unit for manipulating data. Several registers for storing data, and control circuits for fetching and executing instructions.

ii. The memory of a computer contains storage for instructions and data, It says a Random·Access Memory (RAM). The CPU can access any location in memory at random and retrieve the binary information within a fixed interval of time.

iii. The Input and Output Processor (IOP) contains electronic circuits for communicating and controlling the transferred information between the computer and the outside world. The input and output devices connected to the computer include keyboards, printers, terminals, magnetic disk drives, and other communication devices.