Differentiate between Database and Knowledge Base

DatabaseKnowledge Base
1. Database doesn't consist of fuzzy facts. 1. Knowledge base may consist of fuzzy facts.
2. Database doesn't contain the more sophisticated relationship between facts.2. Knowledge base contains more sophisticated relationships between facts.
3. Database doesn't contain factual and heuristic knowledge. 3. Knowledge base contains both factual and heuristic knowledge.
4. It doesn't emulate the decision making.4. It emulates the decision making processes of humans.
5. It doesn't capture and distribute knowledge.5. It captures and distributes knowledge.
6. These systems are sometimes not consistent.6. Theses systems are accurate and consistent.
7. Database systems aren't dependable.7. Knowledge base systems are dependable.
8. A database expert is needed to update databases.8. An expert knowledge of the domain is needed for updating Knowledge Base.
9. These systems are sometimes not profitable.9. These systems are profitable.