Difference between Windows 10 and Windows 11

Windows 10:

Windows 10 introduces an updated Start Menu, a better taskbar, a notification centre, support for virtual desktops, the Edge browser, and Cortana. It has launched on July 29, 2016.

Windows 11:

Windows 11 has a lot of users who are excited to use the next generation of the Windows Operating System. It has been launched has extensively been covered in 2021.

Windows 10 vs Windows 11:

ParameterWindows 10Windows 11
1. Trusted Module Platform (TPM):It supported devices with TPM 1.2 and above.
It can run on devices with TPM 2.0
2. Android Apps Integration:Windows 10 can't supports for Android apps like Windows 11.Windows 11 supports for Android apps to the Microsoft Store via Amazon’s App store
3. RAM:In Windows 10, Minimum requirements of RAM: 1 GBIn Windows 11, Minimum requirements of RAM: 4 GB
4. Design and User-Interface:Windows 10 interface is the alignment of Start Menu. The Users who are accustomed to clicking at the bottom left corner of the screen for accessing apps.Windows 11 interface is the new improved design with new Windows logo, accompanied with fresh boot sounds.
5. Improved Multitasking:Windows 10 can snap windows onto different sides of your screen to better organize your workspaceWindows 11 can can snap windows to a whole new level with Snap layouts
6. Gaming Improvements:Windows 10 incorporates less features from the latest Xbox Series X .Windows 11 incorporates more features from the latest Xbox Series X to bring gamers the best possible experience
7. System Firmware:N/AUEFI, Secure Boot capable
8. Improved Touchscreen Input:Windows 10 has less touchscreen functionality and experienceWindows 11 focuses heavily on touchscreen functionality and it brings a new touchscreen experience.