Difference between Kotlin and Java

1. It doesn't require too much work for data classes1. It requires to write and construct a lot of elements to develop classes
2. Kotlin doesn't support implicit conversions2. Java supports implicit conversions
3. There are no null variables or objects in Kotlin3. There are null variables or objects in java language
4. Kotlin doesn't support static members4. Java supports static members
5. It's quite easier to deploy Kotlin code5. It is hard to deploy Java code
6. In Kotlin, Variables of a primitive type are objects6. In Java, Variables of a primitive type aren't objects
7. Kotlin is both object-oriented and functional programming language7. Java is limited to object-oriented programming language
8. In Kotlin, there are one or more secondary constructors8. In Java, there aren't secondary constructors
9. Kotlin string template also supports expression9. Java string doesn't support expression
10. Lazy-Loading feature is available in Kotlin.10. Lazy-Loading feature is not available in Java.