Difference between Conceptual and Physical Data Model

Conceptual Data Model:

The conceptual data model describes different types of data stored in a database. It also includes the relationships existing among data items. In this data model, a database is also described logically rather than physically in terms of data structure.

Physical Data Model:

Physical Data Model is the one closest to the physical storage device. Because it describes how data are stored on a storage medium such as a hard disk, magnetic tape, etc. It also defines compression and encryption techniques.

Conceptual vs Physical Data Model:

ParametersConceptual Data ModelPhysical Data Model
Owner1. Business Stakeholders & Team members1. Database Administrator & Developers
Complexity2. Simple2. Complex
Entity Names & Relationship3. Presented3. Not presented
Primary & Foreign Keys4. Not presented4. Presented
Table & Column Names5. Not presented5. Presented
Column Data Type & Constraints6. Not presented6. Presented