Data Management Plan

A data management plan is an integral part of the research plan. The data plan can be reviewed and expanded during research but the main principles and procedures should be determined before the research starts at the latest before data collection begins.

The aim of data management planning is to ensure that good scientific practice is followed in the research. The data kept safe and secure at all stages of research and data sharing is possible after the original research has been completed.

Data Analysis:

Data analysis is at the heart of any scientific investigation. Using the weather as an example. this module takes readers through the steps of data collection, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation. The module explores how scientists collect and record data, find patterns in data, explain those patterns, and share their research with the larger scientific community.

Data Quality:

Describes procedures for ensuring data quality the project. Technical and content decisions made at the data entry stage influence the quality of data. Solutions chosen for post-collection processing also have an impact on data quality. The quality and value of any data collection exercise are enhanced by clearly establishing the following elements in advance:

1. The purpose, scope, and methodology for the data collection exercise.

2. Relevant statistical variables and indicators.

3. Data collection tools

4. Parameters for data collection and sharing.