COBOL Program to Demonstrate ADD Verb

Identification division.
Program-id. Addverb.
Environment division.
Data division.
Working-storage section.
77 a pic s9(3)v9(2) value 0.
77 b pic s9(3)v9(2) value 0.
77 c pic s9(4)v9(2) value 0.
77 e-c pic +z(4).z(2).
Procedure division.
Identification division
program-id. Add verb.
environment division
data division
working – storage section.
77 A PIC S9(3) V9(2)
77 B PIC S9(3) V9(2)
77 C PIC S9(4) V9(2)
77 e-a PIC +z(4) Value 0
PARA - 1
Explanation: This program gets 2 inputs from the user.
It adds them using ADD verb.