COBOL Character Set

Character Set in COBOL:

To learn any language, first, we must know the alphabet of the language and they are known as the character set. There are 50 different characters in the COBOL character set. They are listed below:

0-9 (10 numerals)
A-Z (26 English alphabets-only capital letters)
– (minus sign or hyphen)
+ (Plus sign)
* (Asterisk)
/ (Slash)
[c]0=[/c] (Equal sign)
$ (Currency sign)
, (Comma)
; (Semi-colon)
. (Period or decimal point)
” (Quotation mark)
( (Left Parenthesis )
) (Right Parenthesis)
> (Greater than symbol)
< (Less than symbol)

The characters 0-9 are called numeric characters or digits. The characters A-Z are called letters and the remaining characters are called special characters. The space or blank character in certain cases is treated as a letter.