Cloud Security Design Principles

Earlier, computer software was written without considering safety. However, due to the growing complexity and regularity of malicious attacks against information systems, up-to-date software is of paramount importance. Along with cloud computing systems looking for meeting diverse purposes such as rate, dependability, functioning, safety and sustainability, trade-offs need to be made.


White Hat Security:






Some of the following are the major Cloud Security Design Principles that must be kept in mind:

1. Least Privilege:

2. Separation of Duties:

3. Defence in Depth:

4. Defence in Multiple Places:

5. Layered Defences:

6. Security Robustness:

7. Deploy KMI/PKI:

8. Deploy Intrusion Detection Systems:

9. Fail-safe:

10. Economy of Mechanism:

11. Complete Mediation:

12. Leveraging Existing Components: