Characteristics of Proton


Proton is a positively charged particle found in the atoms of all the elements. It is located in the nucleus of an atom. Only a hydrogen atom contains one proton in its nucleus, atoms of all other elements contain more than one proton. A proton is usually represented by the symbol P+.

Characteristics of a Proton:

1. The mass of the proton has been found to be equal to 1.67 × 10–27 kg. It is almost equal to that of an atom of hydrogen. Since the mass of a hydrogen atom is 1 a.m.u., therefore, the relative mass of a proton is also 1 a.m.u.

2. The charge of a proton is equal and opposite to the charge of an electron. The value of charge on the proton is 1.602 × 10–19 coulomb of positive charge.