Benefits of Crowdsourcing Analytic

Crowdsourcing Analytic:

Some complex problems, such as image tagging and natural language processing are very challenging for computers, where even state-of-the-art technology is yet able to provide satisfactory accuracy. Therefore, rather than relying solely on developing new and better algorithms to handle such tasks, we look to the crowd-sourcing is a good supplement to many computer tasks. A complex job may be divided into computer-oriented tasks and human-oriented tasks, which are then assigned to machines and humans respectively.

Crowdsourcing is widely adopted in Web 2.0 sites. For example, Wikipedia benefits from thousands of subscribers, who continually write and edit articles for the site. Another example is Yahoo where users submit and answer questions. In Web 2.0 sites, most of contents are created by individual users, not service providers. Crowdsourcing is the driving force of these web sites. To facilitate the development of Crowdsourcing applications.

Benefits of Crowdsourcing:

Sammie Schweissguth of Crowdsource has enumerated five benefits of Crowdsourcing as given below:

1. Crowdsourcing big data capitalizes on the human element.

2. Crowdsourcing big data saves time.

3. Crowdsourcing big data helps you save internal resources.

4. It allows you to keep up with demand as you grow.

5. It provides you real-time analytics.