Advantages of VMWare ThinApp

VMWare ThinApp:

VMWare ThinApp application virtualization is unique as it does not require a client. As the ThinApp virtualized applications are also MSI packages, they can be deployed using the reporting and inventory capabilities of existing corporate software deployment tools.

Tools of ThinApp packages created by one version work with the same user device and applications packaged by a new version. It allows administrators to work with different users of different apps, which can be carried from one desktop to another through other media like USB drives. VMware centralizes ThinApp administration and also automates various virtualization tools for Windows applications.

Advantages of VMWare ThinApp:

1. Fewer arguments between applications.

2. It can run efficiently, with other versions of the same application under a similar Windows environment.

3. It keeps applications on a virtual desktop to support an environment for executing the programs, storing the whole applications in the local area, for example, C: Program Files.

4. Application virtualization not only supports virtual desktops but also executes if we keep that application in some memory device and execute that from anywhere.

5. Installation of thin clients isn’t required to install every client at the destination where it is running.