What are the 3 Components of Attitude?

Attitude is associated with a physical neural state, verbal opinion, ideologies, and integrated philosophy of life. It is the detailed direction of human behaviour. Attitude is a stage of sensitiveness and process to act.

Three Components of Attitude:

1. Cognitive Component of Attitude: It refers to the opinion or belief part of attitude. When you form your opinion or judgement based on available information and decide whether you have a favourable or unfavourable opinion on that it is the cognitive component of attitude.

2. Conative Component of Attitude: It refers to the emotional aspect of attitude. This is perhaps the most often referred part of the attitude and decides mostly the desirable or undesirable aspect of attitude.

3. Affective Component of Attitude: It refers to the behavioural part of attitude. If we have a positive attitude toward a particular object. It is likely to be translated into a particular type of behaviour, such as buying or procuring that object. Thus it is the intention to behave in a certain way.