Python installation

Step 1 : At first, download Python software from Python official site:

python site

Step 2 : Open the downloaded Python Setup file and double click on it then see the Python installation dialog box and click on Install Now box for direct installation, if you want to customize then you click on Customize installation box.


Step 3 : After clicking on Install Now box then click Yes and see start the Python installation progress.

Python install

Step 4 : After finishing the the Python installation, then just click on Finish Button.

Step 5: Then automatically open a Python interpreter window,

python interpreter

  • If want to open GUI Python IDLE, then you go to on Start button -> All Programs -> Click on Python 3.7 Folder -> Click on IDLE Python 3.7 then the GUI Python IDLE is open. If you want to create a simple Python program you just write :
    >>> print(" Welcome to")

    Output :