Python Applications

Python is a High-level programming language that is used to develop a wide range of applications including image processing, text processing, enterprise level applications, and web etc. It has some following applications :

1. Web-Development : Python is an easily extensible that provides good integration with database and other web standard material. So, Python is a popular language for web-development.
Example : World Best Search engine Google has been built using Python, World Best Video Sharing site YouTube developed using Python, The front page of internet reddit written in Python.

2. Embedded Scripting Language : Python is used as an embedded scripting language for various types of testing, building, deployment, monitoring frameworks, scientific apps, etc.

3. Image Processing : Python is used to make 2D imaging software such as GIMP, Paint Shop Pro, etc.
Python is also used in 3D to make 3D animation software packages such as 3Ds Max, Maya, Blender, etc.

4. GUI-Based Applications : Python has a simple syntax, rich text processing, modular architecture and the ability to work on multiple operating systems makes Python is a preferred choice for developer. Python is GUI-based application so, it has various GUI tool-kits are available like PyQt, wxPython, PyGtk. This tool kit helps developers to create high function Graphical User Interface (GUI).