Physical and Mental Benefits of Yoga


The word Yoga comes from the root word ‘YUJ‘ in Sanskrit, it literally means union, and in this context refers to the union of the individual’s soul with the Universal soul. Yoga is an ancient philosophy of life as well as a system of exercises that encourages the union of mind, body and spirit. It is the best exercise for gaining the correct posture.

Physical and Mental Benefits of Yoga

Physical Benefits of Yoga:

1. Improve the functions of muscles: Yogasanas or Yoga Posture involves the controlled contraction and relaxation (stretching) of specific muscle groups. This contraction and relaxation of the muscle group improve circulation and tones the muscles. Yogasana is used to work the opposite muscle group to bring about balance.

2. Improves stability & Flexibility of joints: These exercises stretch & relax various ligaments & tendons in our body which help to improve circulation to the bones, muscles, ligaments & tendons. This helps to improve the flexibility of ligaments & tendons which ultimately leads to strongly supported & flexible joints. This not only gives you a good posture in your day-to-day activities but it can be the best preventive measure to avoid muscles & joints due to sudden impact or action or strain.

3. Improves posture & functions of individual body parts: While practising Yoga postures, we concentrate on the anatomy & physiology of that part of the body which is in action or going to get affected. It helps in the integration of the mind with the body. By visualization of our body inside out, we can detect any postural or functional defect in that part. It helps to diagnose present problems or effects of problems from past or even future health problems of our body. In simple words, you can be your own ‘ Diagnostic Aid ‘ with the help of Yoga.

4. Protects our spine: Yoga postures help by giving gentle stretching or traction, torsion & relaxation to our vertebral joints. It helps to improve circulation in muscles & ligaments supporting our spinal column & intervertebral discs. We also achieve good posture & good protection from possible spinal problems.

5. Enhances the functions of internal organs & glands:

Yoga postures not only tone up our external muscles but also help to relax, revitalize & tone our core muscles & internal organs. Practising Yoga posture with a focus on our internal organs & glands improves circulation which results in the cleansing of organs and improvement in their cellular metabolism & functions. This leads to a healthy body with good immunity. Yoga is quite as popular as ‘Therapy‘ for many systemic & functional diseases.

6. Protects & improves the alignment of the hormonal axis in women: In Women, Yoga helps for alignment of the hormonal axis, and interdependent functions of the Pituitary Gland. Thyroid Gland, Ovaries & Uterus. Any imbalance in this axis leads to menstrual & procreative malfunction in a woman.

7. Guidance about effective utilization of our energy: Improper postures, stiff joints & muscles, lack of circulation & poor performance of skeleton & internal organs are the main causes of wastage of Physical energy. We hardly realize but just working in improper postures for a long time snatches part of our energy. If we can conserve this loss of energy, we can work with far better physical & mental performance.

8. Acts as a rejuvenation on a cellular level: When we are under stress, our body functions are accelerated which increases the wear & tear of cells unnecessarily. While practising Yoga, the stretching & relaxation in the body. Our body releases more toxins & absorbs more oxygen which improves energy levels & functions of organs. Yoga also helps to calm our nervous activities & provides relaxation to internal organs.

Mental Benefits of Yoga:

1. Helps to control harmful emotional surges & impulses: If we can handle our emotions & impulses better then we can achieve good physical health too. Yoga guides us to achieve this complete health status called ‘Holistic Health‘. Yoga helps us to handle stressful situations better & that’s why all Business gurus recommended Yoga to improve the psychological health of employers & employees.

2. Improves intellectual functions: Yoga improves our concentration & comprehension. While practising Yoga postures, Pranayam & Meditation, we learn to integrate our body & mind. It also increases awareness about the world inside our body.