Importance of Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science

Importance of Discrete Mathematics:

Discrete Mathematics is a rapidly growing and increasingly used area of mathematics with many practical and relevant applications. It is an excellent tool for improving reasoning and problem-solving skills. It is appropriate for all at all levels and of all abilities. The importance of discrete mathematics lies in the fact that modern mathematics deals with sets, not numbers or more precisely sets with additional structures because the sets we come across in practice are usually finite.

This growth of non-numerical mathematics and from the point of view of practical application discrete mathematics has taken an important place in today’s mathematics. The advances in computing technology have given discrete mathematics a big boost. A key reason for the importance of discrete mathematics is that the information is stored and manipulated by computing machines discretely.

Even floating-point numbers form a discrete system because they are representable in any computer as a discrete set of points on the real line. Thus the ideas of discrete mathematics are fundamental to the science and technology specific to the computer age. The knowledge of discrete mathematics is the key prerequisite for advanced work in many branches of mathematics and computer science which includes data structure, database theory, automata theory, compiler design, operating systems and many others. It also provides necessary mathematical backgrounds for solving problems in engineering, operation research, chemistry and so on.