Difference between Group and Team with example

1. In Groups, Members work independently and they often aren't working towards the same goal.1. In Teams, Members work independently and they work towards both personal and the team goals.
2. Members focus mostly on themselves because they aren't involved in the planning of their group's objectives and goals. 2. Members feel a sense of ownership towards their role in the group because they committed themselves to goals they helped to create.
3. Members are very cautioned about what they say and are afraid to ask the question. They may not fully understand what is taking place in their group.3. Members base their success on trust and encourage all members to express their opinions, varying views, and questions.
4. Members don't trust each other's motives because they don't fully understand the role each member plays in their group.4. Members makes a conscious effort, to be honest, respectful and listen to every person's point of view.
5. Members may or may not participate in group decision-making and conformity is valued more than a positive result.5. Members participate equally in decision-making, but each member understands that the leader might need to make the final decision if the team can't come to a consensus agreement.
6. There is no group support to help resolve problems.6. In teams, Everybody wants to resolve problems constructively.